Making the invisible visible

September 10, 2014

Making the invisible visible and identifying what could not be identified. Chemelot Campus and Maastricht Health Campus can offer academic and industrial researchers the very latest high-end equipment, thanks to the Enabling Technologies joint venture based on both campuses. Researchers need no longer purchase expensive analytical equipment themselves but can simply hire it for as long as they need it. The company hires out about 20 advanced microscopes, X-ray diffraction instruments, and mass and NMR spectrometers. These Rolls Royces among microscopes and spectrometers enable the analysis of highly complex chemical compounds.

Cristal Therapeutics is one of the companies using Enabling Technologies. This company is working on nanomedicines that make it possible to treat diseases such as cancer more specifically and with fewer side-effects. Technomed Europe has designed a concentric needle with a special coating that makes injections easier, sliding in more easily and causing the patient less pain. Both companies are making grateful use of the specialised, high-quality equipment supplied by Enabling Technologies for their product development.

Enabling Technologies BV is a joint venture between Maastricht University/UMC+, DSM Resolve and the Province of Limburg. The aim of the company is to become a unique research and development platform for (industrial) scientists in Limburg and to stimulate the growth of the campuses (100 FTEs with 10 years). It is possible to hire and operate the equipment, and also to make use of the expertise of DSM Resolve or Maastricht University/UMC+. SMEs are further stimulated through the use of discount vouchers (33%).

Besides the open facilities, there has also been investment in ICT infrastructure between the campuses. Thanks to the breeding ground created by Enabling Technologies, multidisciplinary projects can be initiated on the campuses and information can be exchanged about equipment, software and applications. Many innovation projects have already started, with co-operation between analytical experts from Maastricht University/UMC+ and DSM Resolve, and instrument development engineers from Maastricht University.

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