The road to... a sustainable world

May 01, 2015

If it is to Elon Musk, our dependence on grid power is history. Yesterday, Tesla’s CEO presented “Powerwall” to the world; a home battery that can power a household without requiring the grid. The battery is developed with the same technique the batteries of the Tesla cars are.

Most important step to take towards sustainable energy? It’s using the sun, according to Musk. The Powerwall charges using solar power (solar panels are thus required) and it recharges in a ‘smart’ way, saving money by picking low-rate periods when electricity is cheapest. It also stores solar energy for other moments, for example overnight, and can act as a back-up in the event of a power outage.

Musk’s mission is to create a world without dirty energy. A brave, ambitious mission. What do you think: will there ever be a time that we are no longer dependent on fossil fuel and grid power?

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Debut of the Tesla Powerwall