Seeing the Invisible

October 28, 2014

The discovery is not only good news for microscopy, but also for Maastricht. After all, the only two modern STED microscopes in the Netherlands are located at the Science Faculty of Utrecht University and at Maastricht University. The equipment in Maastricht was obtained by the joint efforts of Maastricht University, DSM, and the Province of Limburg, in their joint venture Enabling Technologies (

The high-end microscope was set up in the Institute of Nanoscopy of Maastricht University and offers the possibility to observe dynamic processes in living and fixed cells, as well as in histological sections. It provides a valuable toolbox for researchers at Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus, but also for third parties elsewhere. After all, Enabling Technologies offers open access to the STED (and other advanced) microscopes, which is unique for the Benelux. Access can be provided via the ET business developer Jolanda van Golde. Vouchers are available for SMEs, lowering the admission price.

This development exemplifies that in the field of optical microscopy the Brightlands region is at the forefront of imaging in the Netherlands and the Euregion, its strength being a unique combination of microscopy: super-resolution, two-photon and spectral pathology (Nuance). This position is recognized in Europe. The fact that since the end of 2013, Maastricht is the only five star application & development EuroBioImaging site in the Netherlands may serve as proof.

Prof. Marc van Zandvoort is the driver behind the advanced optical microscopy in Maastricht and he is extremely motivated to use his passion, expertise, and knowledge to embed the entire platform in the research community.

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Seeing the Invisible